Welcome to Gin Blossoms Flower Studio.

My name is Angela and since my first day of floristry training I’ve dreamed of starting my own flower business. Now, twenty years later, Gin Blossoms is finally born!

Why Gin Blossoms?

You may think it’s a strange name for a florist but let me try explain! My passion for flowers has been with me now for two decades. After my first gin distillery tour two years ago I also developed a passion for gin. As someone who hated gin (turns out it was actually the tonic I didn’t like) the story about botanicals involved in gin making grabbed my attention. As my interest in gin has grown, my personal gin collection has also grown. I love nothing better than visiting gin festivals and hearing the stories behind the gin and about the botanicals used in each. So Gin Blossoms combines two things I’m passionate about. One day I hope to start selling artisan gin as well as designing beautiful flowers for every occasion. For now though I’m concentrating on creating stunning floral designs just for you.  
Enjoying a Brockman's and Tonic in Malta